JuanMata2018-05-09 16:23:54

Hi everyone!

We’re starting of one of those weeks we’ve been so used to in the last season, with two consecutive games in just a few days. And, to be honest, I believe this is the best way to move on after being defeated at Goodison Park, our first defeat in the Premier League. It’s always tough to play in that stadium; last season we were the only team that won there, but we couldn’t do the same this time. I think we had enough chances to score in the first half, yet we didn’t, and in the last minute before the break we were punished by Naismith’s goal. At the end we couldn’t tie the score and we lost. We have to learn from this defeat. Also, from a personal point of view, I can confirm that I’m feeling good after the muscular problems I’ve been suffering since pre-season…

大家好! 我们又进入了上赛季已经习以为常的密集赛程。老实说,我相信这是在古迪逊公园遭遇首次联赛失利之后继续前进的最佳方式。在那座球场里比赛总是很困难;上赛季我们是唯一在那里获胜的客队,但这次我们没能取得同样的结果。我认为上半时我们有足够的机会取得进球,但我们没有做到,接着在半场结束前的最后一分钟付出了代价,让奈史密斯打进一球。最终我们没能扳平比分,败北而归。我们必须吃一堑,长一智。另外,就个人而言,从赛季前就开始困扰我的肌肉问题解决后,我现在感觉很好…… 

As I said before, after one defeat you just want the next match to come as soon as possible, and probably the Champions League is the best way. I really want to live a night like this at Stamford Bridge. It’s a different feeling, even more since we won the title two years ago. This competition brings great memories to all of us and makes us feel really excited. Talking about good memories, our rival will be Basilea, from Switzerland, the one we played in the Europa League semifinals. I’m looking forward to play at home again and I hope we win so we can face the next Premier League game with a good taste. The next few weeks ahead are very intense: 5 games in just 14 days. In order to get ready for them is very important to get confidence and to be positive.


As I write this to you, I’m watching the Spanish la Liga on TV: Betis vs Valencia. The score is 3-1 and the match is about to finish… Here I send, once again, all my support to my friends in Valencia, this time to ‘Ori’ in particular. I’m sure that, with more minutes and confidence, he’s going to have a great season; I know what a good player he is, and he deserves the best: he’s been very unlucky with injuries and he is one of the best persons I’ve met in football. So a very big hug to him and to the whole team!


Now, regarding Real Madrid and Barcelona, they suffered until the end and we have to give credit to Villarreal and Sevilla for that. This is just the beginning of the season and every single team needs to get to the top of its game. Yet it seems Atlético is very close to it. They’ve won every single match so far, showing how competitive they are and the good work done behind. Like Tiago’s goal, for instance, a masterpiece in strategy. I would like to know which are the best goals of this kind that you can remember. Me, I remember one from Mendieta at Camp Nou… And also free-kicks from Le Tissier…


When I was thinking about the recommendations to give in this post, and because this is the week it is, I just realised that I’ve never talked about Stamford Bridge, and I do believe this is a very nice place to visit in a Champions League night… I hope you have many opportunities to go there this season, it will be a good signal! 


I also want to tell you about books: now I’m reading ‘Demian’, by Hermann Hesse. My friend Carlos recommended it to me, and I’d also like to get your suggestions before getting my next book!


See you next week! A million thanks for the way you’ve welcomed again this blog! Your comments are a great support to me, I keep reading everything you write!

Hugs and have fun,